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We make small batch comfort foods, with the homemade taste you are looking for, and memories you remember fondly.


World Champion

Barbecue Sauce

  • Award-Winning, We've won The Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue Contest, accolades from Bon Appetit magazine, and numerous local publications.
  • Wee Willy's BBQ Sauces are balanced, hitting all of your taste buds. Our signature "Minnesota Style BBQ™" twist magnifies flavor, your ensuring satisfaction
  • Good Old Fashion, Kettle Cooked BBQ Sauce

Dry Marinade

Seasoning Blends

  • Wee Willy's Dry Marinades outperform ordinary wet marinades in flavor, convenience, and value.
  • Added Flavor: Wet meat, seafood, and veggies cant brown until the surface moisture has cooked off. The food is often fully cooked before it has a chance to develop that delicious brown flavor we crave.
  • Convenience and Value: Using wet marinades can be messy and lends itself to cross-contamination.
  • We believe that Dry Marinades are a better value because they go further and don't end up in the trash as wet marinades do.

We Make Great

Tasting Salsa

  • It's important to us that Wee Willy's Salsas have a fresh flavor, with its blend of tomatoes, green chilis, onions, and spice.
  • Our salsa is chunky and thick, but not too thick; no one likes broken chips in their bowl of salsa.
  • Wee Willy's salsa is real simple, real good. Please don't take this as meaning boring, because it's the opposite; it's crave-worthy.

Around the World

Grilling Sauce


Our Family's

Pasta Sauce

  • We are proud to use tomatoes growing in sunny California. They're picked at their peak and quickly processed to ensure their fresh-picked flavor.
  • We make our pasta sauce just as you would at home, in a kettle.
  • Yes, our kettle may be a tad big, but the outcome is the same, with a smooth depth of flavor achieved by slow simmering our sauce to perfection.

Wee Willy's

Sandwich Topper

  • Wee Willy's Zesty Pepper Relish is an old family recipe from our granma with a twist a few added spicy peppers.
  • A mix of peppers, some sweet, some spicy. All are masterfully blended with real sugar and vinegar to make an irresistible sweet, sour and zesty flavor.
  • Our zesty sandwich topper is right at home on much more than sandwiches. Try adding Wee Willy's Zesty Pepper to your favorite pizza or mixed into coleslaw or potato salad from your favorite deli.


Meal Starter

  • We have Kickstarted Wee Willy's Meal Starters line with three of our favorite recipes, two chilis, and meatloaf Starters.
  • We have you covered whatever you have a hankering for; a big bowl of red chili or, for Lana's favorite, White Chicken Chili.
  • Meatloaf might be the quintessential comfort food; at least that's what Bill thinks. We grew up on Mom's meatloaf recipe; it's so good we want to share it with you, our neighbor.

Mom's Delicious

Salad Dressing

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