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We make small batch comfort foods, with the homemade taste you are looking for, and memories you remember fondly.

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We're Driven

To Be Different

Our Process

We proudly make our sauces in kettles; why does that matter? Flavor.

When kettle cooking a BBQ sauce, it has a chance to blend flavors, intensifying some and smoothing out others. No need to use a starch thickener.

Sauce Consistence

Wee Willy's barbecue sauces are thick enough to cling and thin enough to soak in. Often overlooked, the consistency of a barbecue sauce does matter.

Wee Willy's is Old school barbecue Sauce; it is simmered to perfection in small batches to develop its authentic barbecue sauce flavor and consistency.

Our Awards

Nationally Acclaimed,

Wee Willy's barbecue sauce is only one of a handful of barbecue sauces in the world to have Won the Prestiges Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue Contest. Winning, first place sauce, and Grand Champion, held in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

We’ve been turning heads since winning THE JACK; We've been featured in local and national publications. And it was a big thrill to have our BIG Win featured on the Food Network!

Rest-assured our Barbecue Sauces are that good!

Locally Delicious™

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Wee Willy's Original, Award-Winning BBQ Sauce

Original Formula

  • Our BBQ Sauce that Won The Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue Contest and Bon Appetit Accolades.
  • Good Old Fashion, Red Barbecue Sauce
  • Balcanced Flavor. Sweet, tangy and a pitch of pepper and a touch of hickory. "Minnesota Style BBQ™"

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Texas Pit

  • It's BIG and BOLD like Texas.
  • We've blended and balanced Texas's flavors: green chilis, garlic, and onion with a subtle smoky finish.
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup

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South Carolina Style

  • Our Mustard based BBQ Sauce is right at home on barbecue pulled pork and a glaze on BBQ ribs.
  • Equally tasty on grilled chicken, hot dogs, burgers, and brats.
  • Try it as slather prior to seasoing your meat.

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Wee Willy's Original HOT BBQ Sauce

Hot Formula

  • The Sauce that Won THE JACK and Bon Appetit Accolades
  • Good Old Fashion, Red Barbecue Sauce
  • Balcanced Flavor. Sweet, tangy and a pitch of pepper and a touch of hickory.

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White Dipping

  • We replaced ketchup in this sauce with Mayo.
  • Use Wee Willy's Dipping sauce as you would BBQ sauce, ketchup, mayo, or ranch dressing. Enjoy!
  • Developed in Alabama, Perfected in Minnesota

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North Carolina Style

  • Our Vinegar based BBQ Sauce is right at home on Carolina pulled pork.
  • It Doubles as a mop sauce for BBQ pork, ribs, and grilled chicken.
  • Makes a great vinegar slaw.

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